July 2019: Susan is excited to announce the activation of her second cochlear implant! She streams music,

television and telephone straight into her implant, completely bypassing her ears. Exciting times!

Author Susan Langlois writes stories of overcoming adversity and the power of hope.
Susan's first published book, OUT OF MY WORLD, INTO THEIRS (2017), is a full length memoir on overcoming a disability, facing adversity and the emotional toll of hearing loss in a hearing world. 
Susan's first childrens' book, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT (2019), is the story of a little girl's experience in the midst of Hurricane Harvey's destruction and what she discovered about overcoming adversity - and the human spirit. It is a work of historical fiction that teachers, parents and grandparents share with kids, grandkids and great grandkids. 
In 2020, Susan will launch her second children's book, DOLLY DOES HER JOB. This picture book is  
the true story of one dog's rescue, becoming a service dog and the power of love. The story can raise awareness of 'adopt-don't shop' movement and children's mental health . 
It's a true story of HOPE!
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Dolly Does Her Job


It's the first day of school and everyone is a little bit nervous, including Dolly!

In this picture book, Dolly tells her story of living, learning and loving in a way that captures hearts of all ages. Here she is at home with her handler, Dee.

Photo Credit: Dee and John Goff 

They said...

You should come to our school!

She said...

I would love to! 



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