Everyone Gives

Set in  a pandemic, one little boy observes people giving of themselves in all kinds of ways. He wants to give something, too! But what can he give? Find out in what this young child discovers about humanity, hope and love.

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That Daisy!

When Dee brings new adopted pup Daisy into the family, Dolly decides to take on the job of teaching her how things are done, and snuggle too. But nothing could have prepared Dolly for this wild child. Instead of learning to come, sit and stay, Daisy runs, jumps and bumps

– while hilarity ensues.

Things broken, things bumped, the house turned upside down…life will never be the same!


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Dolly and Dee. 


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Dolly and Dee at home enjoying one another.

Photo Credit: Dee and John Goff

Dolly delivers sanitized books to local home-school children during the 2020 Pandemic.

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