After Dolly is rescued, she experiences the joy of a loving family and home. Later, Dolly attends Dog School where she learns new 'tricks'. Soon after, Dolly is ready to go to work in an elementary school! When the first day of school arrives, everyone at Roth School is a little bit nervous, especially Dolly. Will she know how to help the kids? Will they like her? Will she do a good job? As the day goes on, Dolly realizes that she knows exactly what to do, and she didn't learn it at Dog School. She just knows! Read this book to see Dolly the Reading Dog 'Pay It Forward'! A heartwarming story illustrating the far reaching and self extending power of love. As Dolly tells her story, children will connect with her. Many readers will fall in love with Dolly, just as the children and staff of Roth Elementary School did.


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